Mike and Brooke – Snoqualmie Falls Proposal and Engagement

When Mike inquired with me with the idea of proposing on the beach below Snoqulamie Falls I was already all in! I had done a proposal down there once before, and I knew heading back down there to do it again would be totally awesome!

But there were some logistics involved about planning this… he was coming from Whidbey Island, so that meant an early morning ferry ride just to get to the trailhead that morning. But there is also a bit of strategy involved about how to pull this off… you see there is a private gated entry to even get to the trail that leads down to the beach, so I would have to meet them before we even started to open the gate. So he would have to come up with a plan on how he was going to sell this idea to Brooke so that it was at least somewhat of a surprise.

They were already planning to go for a Spa day at the Salish Lodge near the waterfall, so I suggested that he frame this as a couple’s shoot to celebrate and remember the day, which I think he did… although after talking with her afterwards she kind of had an idea that something was up, and wasn’t totally surprised that this ended up being a proposal lol

I told him that we’d start with a few different shot ideas to kind of distract her from what he was planning, and then when he was ready he’d give me the nod and drop to a knee and make the move. So that’s what he did, and of course she said yes!

Now with the proposal out of the way, we spent the next hour or so down on the beach celebrating and taking photos. They popped a bottle of champagne, sprayed it everywhere and of course had a drink as well on the beach. It was a great morning, and these two rocked their photos!

It was a hot, bright, and sunny morning which made the lighting a little harsh but they rocked it and I got some awesome photos for them to look back on and remember this day forever =)

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