Tawny and Anthony Backyard Wedding

There is something unique and amazing about backyard weddings. I love them! I love how they are often more about family and close friends and having a kick ass and stress free time! Which is really what a wedding SHOULD be about in my opinion. Celebrating your marriage with the people that mean the most to you, and that is exactly what Tawny and Anthony were able to do on their wedding day. They got married at Tawny’s foster parent’s farm just outside of Auburn Washington in front of about 30 of their very best friends and family.

They were able to setup a beautiful spot in front of the creek that runs through the property to have their ceremony. It was initially looking like a pretty typical rainy and gloomy day in March here in Washington and there were definitely some nerves leading up to the day but we got totally lucky and had a perfect overcast and even partly sunny day, that wasn’t even that cold!

This was the perfect property to host the wedding because it had ample outside spaces for people to hang out and enjoy the weather as well as a very cool barn that was the main area for the reception, dinner, and dancing after the ceremony. Prior to COVID they ran a small animal education farm there and were able to decorate the barn with some amazing memories and keepsakes of Anthony and Tawny growing up and coming together.

Their story is somewhat unique in that they actually broke up for a short time between initially falling in love and then coming back together. Her wedding dress was actually purchased 6 years ago! Hearing their vows was hilarious as they both referenced how they met in high school, and how they grew apart and then back together. It also made for some hilarious toasts/roasts after the beers were flowing and their best friends got on the mic lol

One of the cool things about Tawny’s wedding experience is that she had two dads there to share the day with. Her biological father and her foster father that she had spent some of her earlier years with before being reunited with her dad. She did a first look with each of them while she pinned them both with boutonnieres and then they each walked her down part of the aisle before she said “I do” to Anthony.

I absolutely loved the colors that they chose for their wedding. The orange and greens were a perfect compliment to each other and the style was definitely fitting for their personalities. I mean you can’t really beat Romeo’s with dark wash denim amiright?! Also did I mention that they brought their dog Roxy?!

Their ceremony was full of laughs and smiles and even a few tears. On the way out they were showered in sprinkles, which was a totally amazing idea as it was a lot less cleanup than confetti that I’ve seen used before, and more colorful than just rice! It was pretty funny because Tawny ended up with sprinkles in her hair and down the front of her dress which basically stayed there the rest of the night.

It was a totally amazing day, and we really got lucky with the weather and the loosening of the COVID restrictions a few weeks prior to their date. The initial plan was going to be to split the coverage between a small and intimate ceremony on their date, and then a larger party and reception at a later date when friends and family. But we made it happen and it was so much damn fun!

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