I'm not going to lie and say that I've always been a photographer, I haven't. I actually discovered photography while in college, and like most responsible college students, I used some student loan money to buy my first camera. I also haven't always been a wedding, or even a people photographer.

My first love was landscape photography, specifically night photography and cityscapes. I think my landscape roots influence the type of images I take, and the way I see scenes today. I love working with couples, I love watching the dynamic between two people in love, and being able to share a few magic moments with them.

I try to interject fun and a generous sized slice of goofy into my client experiences, to take away the awkward and weirdness of someone being a few feet away from you with a camera aimed at your faces. 

I'm Justin.
Rad Dad, Rad Dude. 

Dad jokes.
Dope Memes And Funny GIFs.
Pop Culture References. 
chips and salsa.
90s hip hop (the west coast is the best coast)

Also, cargo shorts are cool AF. yeah, i said it!

My faves:

- Annie & Jared

"OMG! You made us look SO much cooler than we actually are lol"

- Julie Anna and Brett

Our photos were ABSOLUTELY amazing and we couldn't be more thrilled to have such great memories of our special day captured by Justin

- Brandi and Jorge

Justin is nothing short of amazing, and we are so glad that we got to share our day with him!

- Ursula and Randy 

I can’t say enough about Justin. He was so wonderful to work with and super easy going. I am absolutely in love with my pictures!

- Brittany and Curt

My husband and I absolutely loved our wedding pictures!! He really captured *us* =)

- Ben and Mackenzie

The minute we spoke to Justin, we knew that he would be the perfect photographer for us!

Raves from real clients

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