You deserve photographs that reflect everything that you are! Images that are authentic, that are fun, and that you can FEEL when you look at them. Trust me, I get it. 

You're looking for something different, something unique. Photographs that don't look like everyone else's. Photographs as BOLD and BEAUTIFUL as you are. I say let's do it!

What's up I'm Justin. The dude behind the camera, and your personal hype man. I'm stoked to tell your story and create some magic that's 100% yours. 

Your photographs should help you remember
how you FELT, not just how it looked! 

Real Emotions  Real Moments 
No Bullsh*t

I specialize in romantic couple's photography, specifically intimate weddings, elopements, and adventures all over the Pacific Northwest. I am a geek for off camera lighting, dynamic posing, and bold and vibrant images. I am all about creating kick ass experiences, that are designed with YOU in mind. 

But this isn't about me, it's about you. It's about putting you first. To plan the day that you want, doing the things that you enjoy, with the person you love the most. No restrictions. No expectations. No limits. Whether it's just us in the wilderness, or surrounded by 200 of your friends and family, I'm stoked for it. 

So let's do you, I'll bring the cameras =)  

- Wendy p.

What an absolute amazing experience, and stunning photos. wow, wow, wow."

"Holy sh*t these photographs are AMAZING!

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