Hey what's up, I'm Justin, the guy behind the camera and teller of amazing dad jokes. I swear too much, joke too much, and can totally communicate solely with pop culture references, GIFs, and Memes, without missing a beat. 

My style is bold and vibrant with an emphasis on creating images that are unique, and push the boundaries of creativity to deliver those "holy sh*t" reactions from everyone that sees your photos.

I'm based in the Seattle area, but am down for adventures to create rad images for you all over this beautiful little corner of our world. 

none of the bullshit.

Real feels, Real moments.

Badass photography for badass couples.

*Insert cliché photographer speak about love stories and soulmates.* 

You aren't here for that corny stuff, you're here because something caught your eye. I specialize in couple's photography, specifically intimate weddings, elopements, and adventures all over the Pacific Northwest.

I am a geek for off camera lighting, dynamic posing, and stunning landscape and architecturally inspired imagery. My approach is relaxed, fun, and designed to be an amazing experience and not just a photo session.

I am not a stand and smile photographer, and you're not a boring AF couple, so let's plan something rad together that will fill your heart and blow your mind. 

- Wendy p.

"What an absolute amazing experience, and stunning photos. wow, wow, wow."

"Holy sh*t these photos are AMAZING!" 

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