Justin Kraemer

Let's keep it real.
You didn't come here looking for just any old wedding photography. 
You came here because you want something different. 
Something more you.

Nobody sets out to have boring and cliché wedding photography that they don't connect with.
Yet so many couples today end up with images that don't capture the real them.

My goal is to change that.

My goal is for you to walk away smiling and laughing and thinking to yourselves,
"fuck yea, that was awesome!"

For Colorful & Vibrant People

Colorful & Vibrant Photography 

High Fives & Rad Vibes

Wedding photography
as unique as you

Wedding Day Experiences
 start at $2800

Request detailed pricing and availability 

Like what you see?
Then reach out below and let's connect!
I can't wait to hear more about what you're planning =)

I can't wait to here more about what you're planning.
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think of me as a friend with a camera, not just your photographer

I won't lie, I love being able to create amazing images for my couples on their wedding day. But being a wedding photographer is about so much more than just taking pretty photos.

It's really about story telling through photographs. It's about capturing the true emotions and events of that day in a way so real and authentic that you can FEEL it when you look back at them. 

Hey what's up I'm Justin, and I've been a Seattle area wedding and portrait photographer for over a decade. 

it's about documenting life as it's happening.

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind experience.
You will wake up early and go to bed late, and most of the details of that day will be a blur.

It's my job to help you remember not just how it looked, but how it felt.
The nervousness before the first look, the joy walking back down the aisle together,
the laughter and tears of the toasts and first dances. 

All of it.

To me this is about so much more than just taking some pictures.

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Shane & Jackie

"We were nervous about having our photos taken (because we're awkward humans) but he made us feel totally comfortable."



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Nikki & Chris

"I would recommend Justin to anybody that wants to have fun taking pictures."



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Wedny & Dan

"10 out of 10 would do this again. What an amazing experience!"



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Annie & Jared

"OMG you made us look so much cooler than we actually are! LOL" 



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Mackenzie & Ben

The minute we spoke to Justin, we knew that he would be the perfect photographer for us!



Katy & Carlitos

Our wedding wouldn’t have been one of the best days of my life without Justin's help!