Meadowbrook Farm Maternity Session

It seems like forever ago now, but earlier this past fall I met up with Allison and Andy to shoot their maternity photos at Meadowbrook Farm just on the edge of North Bend Washington.

If you’re looking for an awesome spot with killer views of Mt Si then this is definitely the spot! Even on a cloudy day like we had, it’s still a stunning view, with only like 1/3 of the mountain showing.

The “farm” is really a series of trails through marsh lands and forest and open grass spaces, and is a very popular spot for the local elk population in the mornings, so watch your step lol =)

It is also a popular spot for people to fly their radio controlled air planes and gliders, since there are some expansive open grass areas that are perfect for flights without obstacles in the way!

The farm also shares a border with the Mt Si Golf Club and the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Which is basically a long and straight gravel path, and super cool for some leading lines type photos!

It is definitely a spot I have added to the rotation of “regular” spots to shoot at! I’ve gone back twice so far since, hoping to catch some views of Mt Si with snow on top, but the weather hasn’t cooperated yet. Hopefully I’ll get a chance this winter before the weather warms up and the chance of snow is totally gone for the season, but if not, then this spring and summer should definitely present some rad and stunning mountain view opportunities as well!

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