Why I love engagement sessions

Guys I’m just going to come out and say it, I fucking love engagement sessions! Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting weddings and elopements too, but there’s just something different and special about that relaxed and carefree energy of an engagement session.

I actually love engagement sessions so much that I pretty much insist that we have one when you book me! I do this for a couple of important reasons, mainly I think showing up to a wedding having never photographed someone is a terrible idea.

I want to KNOW how you interact, how you love, how you FEEL before your wedding day. Believe it or not, most people don’t actually enjoy having their photo taken, and many actually kind of hate it lol. So goal #1 of the engagement session is getting to know you and getting you comfortable with the idea of having me around taking your photos, and to push past the awkward weirdness of having a camera in your face.

Sounds great, but how the hell do you do that??!

Natural interactions! Rather than setting you up in a bunch of stiff and staged poses, I create scenarios for you to interact with each other, and be yourselves in an intentional way.

To shift your focus away from “oh my god WTF do I do with my hands” to laughing your ass off with your fiancé about the champagne you just poured all over his face.

More than anything your engagement photo session should be about an experience! We aren’t just out here taking some nice photos for your save the date cards, we are having a blast, forgetting about insecurities, and living in the moment together.

No stress, no expectations, just us in your element. Whether that means something out in nature, or in the city, at your house, or at the park. I want to plan something that is meaningful and connects with you. I don’t want to drag you into the mountains if that’s not your vibe, and I don’t want to have to sell you on something that you are hesitant about.

Obviously I don’t expect you to come with totally detailed vision for your engagement session right out of the gate, so I design a brainstorming conversation to get an idea for the types of things you’re into, what might be an ideal location, and how best to incorporate things that are important to you into your session to truly make it yours!

So if you’re totally obsessed with Halloween, or absolutely love camping or hiking, or think coffee is life, I’m here for it!

I offer 3 different engagement session options and choices designed to plan the most ideal experience for you. The options are mostly based on the distance you want to travel, and the amount of time we’ll need to plan it. I offer a local option that is perfect for any location within 50 miles of Seattle, an adventure session that’s open to anywhere within 150 miles, and an overnight adventure experience that includes a full day and night of photography and is available anywhere within the State!

The possibilities are pretty much endless and are as flexible and big as you want them to be! So let’s grab some beers, and start brainstorming the most amazing and perfect experience just for you!

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