Covid Conscious Wedding Planning

Whelp, it’s looking like we might be in for another summer of uncertainty and a whole rollercoaster of craziness for the wedding industry here in Washington. Very much crappy, BUT rather than crossing my fingers and hoping for the best this time, I figured it’s time to be proactive and try to make the best of this situation, and come up with some COVID safe wedding planning options!

So that means getting a little creative with my wedding offerings for this summer, and crafting something that will be as much of a stress free option as possible for those couples hoping to get married in 2021 but don’t want to roll the dice on going all in with planning a wedding that might have to be cancelled.

So here’s what I’ve come up with – kind of a two part process that will include a micro wedding or elopement experience this year AND a second date for a reception or larger wedding “re-enactment” once COVID restrictions are lifted and things can be a little more normal.

This will be kind of a choose your own adventure style, where you can pick either a local micro wedding option, or an adventure elopement experience for this year, and then choose a set number of hours you’ll want to plan for your second date down the road.

The best part is, you *only* need to decide on the first part now, so you can focus on planning something awesome just for you now, and then leave the details and logistics and stress of the more involved planning for another time!

Sounds awesome right? Like, way better than trying to stress out all year about something that may not even be able to happen this year! So let’s put away all that stress and anxiety and focus on planning something awesome just for you, hit that contact form below to get started =)

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