Snowy Engagement at Gold Creek Pond

Snow photos are rad. It’s really one of those things that you can take awesome looking photos pretty much anywhere in the snow. BUT going someplace amazing in the mountains in the snow is just extra special. I really love Gold Creek Pond all year, but it’s especially amazing in the snow during winter.

Aside from the obvious driving challenges added by snow, getting to Gold Creek Pond is a little more difficult in the winter. They close the access road leading up to the parking area, so you have to park along the road at the bottom of the hill and hike up. It’s about a 20 minute stroll each way, which isn’t too bad but it can definitely be slippery depending on the snow conditions. I definitely recommend getting some spikes for your boots, to help you keep traction, snow shoes would probably also be helpful, but are definitely not required unless there is a ton of fresh snow on top to sink into.

*Pro tip, there is a snow parking fee required to park along the road during the winter. It’s $20/day or $40 for the season. They sell them there but you can also snag one here before going –

It was pretty crazy the day we went up last weekend. It was absolutely pouring rain as I was nearing the summit and parking, but thankfully by the time we met up it had mostly stopped and stayed dry throughout most of the shoot aside from a few sprinkles.

Kind of bummed that it had washed most of the snow out of the trees, but the cool fog/mist that the extra moisture in the air helped create was pretty damn cool!

Mykhanh and Josh were so fun to shoot with, their connect is instantly obvious and they are totally in love! They actually grew up in the same neighborhood and have known each other since elementary school! Pretty cool amiright?!

Although they’ve known each other since forever, it wasn’t until after college that they reconnected and started dating. After going through the craziness of this last year, they’re planning for a 2021 wedding and are determined to make it happen even if that means adapting their plans to fit the COVID guidelines that may still be dictating things this summer.

I’m definitely ready to get back to “normal” as soon as possible and leave this bad nightmare in the rearview mirror! Bring on 2021 =)

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