Lincoln Park – Seattle Elopement

To say that this has been a weird and challenging year would be the biggest understatement imaginable. But that hasn’t stopped so many couples from still going through with their plans to get married and say I do, even if it meant that it throwing the original plans out the window and adapting to the changes that this crazy year has thrown at us.

Kaitlyn and Andrea’s elopement at Seattle’s Lincoln Park was no different. It wasn’t what they originally planned but they made it happen anyway, and damnit it was amazing!

We met at Lincoln Park in West Seattle on a foggy and very Seattle type morning. It rained a little, it was a little chilly, but it was a totally perfect day to have an intimate elopement. In fact, it was just four of us, including myself and the officiant, we even had to track down a jogger to come sign as a witness on their paperwork!

They decided on this spot under a large tree amongst the trails and forest of the upper section of the park. It was perfect and beautiful.

After their ceremony we took our time strolling through the park talking and taking photos to celebrate their day. They joked about how much they love breakfast, and how they were heading to get pancakes on their way home.

It was fun to get to know them and their story and spend the morning enjoying the park together. I love that about elopements, there really is no strict timeline, there’s no stress about what’s next or fuss about things running behind. It’s just about them, and what they want to do, and I love it.

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