Franklin Falls Engagement Session

Franklin Falls is one of those spots that is so popular it’s almost not worth going to most days. It’s close to Seattle (about an hour), a relatively short hike (a little over 2 miles) and not very difficult. On any day with decent weather you’ll see dozens of people, and on a weekend it could be into the hundreds, but if you time it right, you can get the whole place to yourself and boy is it awesome!

I met up with Stephanie and McKenzie around an hour and a half or so before sunset. I knew it would be fairly tight on timing to get in and out before dark, but I also knew this would be the best chance at beating the crowds and having the right window to shoot without people all over the place.

I figured we would have about 30 minutes to shoot down there after the short hike down, and it was all we needed!

Pro tip, be prepared for wind blowing off the falls. It’s cold, and full of mist, which quickly can coat your camera lens if you aren’t careful. Plus you and your clients will get pretty damn cold if it’s not a warm day lol

But as it turned out, the mist was just the warm up for the cold that day!! The plan from the start was to get in the water, we just didn’t expect it to be so cold down there lol. But they toughed it out and all 3 of our feet were pretty numb by the time we were finished. Small price to pay for this radness though!

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