2020 The Ultimate Year in Wrap Up

It’s no secret that 2020 was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad year. It was a dumpster fire by most measures and is still really not awesome if were being honest. BUT despite how crappy most aspects of this year have been, some incredible photo sessions, wedding, and elopements happened this year!

I’ve gone through to pick out one single image from every gallery delivered this year to share and highlight some of the good things that happened this year! And despite not being able to work from mid March until June I was still able to somehow have the busiest year ever!

As we all hope for a better 2021, it’s fun to reflect on some of the good that happened in 2020 =)

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  1. What a year filled with incredibly powerful photos. I love all of the emotion, all of the magic, and all of the creativity. Your clients are lucky to have you as their photographer.


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