Once upon a time eloping had a sort of negative connotation to it. It was often thought of as a last minute, secretive, and ill conceived wedding. That the couple was running away from something. That's no longer the case. 

Eloping in today's world is more about two people choosing to bypass the stress and drama of a traditional wedding day, and celebrating each other in a different way.

It is about creating an experience and celebration with intention and purpose that is meaningful. It's about living in every moment of your wedding day, not rushing about your venue in a panic worrying about your timeline or the drunk guest that is causing a scene.

So if the allure of the mountains, or the crashing of waves on the beach with your absolute favorite people sounds more your style than a venue full of acquaintances and distant relatives then you're in the right place.

*Hint* Not your mother's Elvis wedding in Las Vegas! 

What in the world is an elopement anyway?

You aren't choosing to elope because you just want to get married. This is about a truly once in a lifetime and meaningful experience. It is your opportunity to put you first, and to really dig in to what really matters to you.

Want the most intimate experience with just you two? Amazing, let's do it!

Want to bring along your best friends and family? Perfect, I can't wait!

Whether that means hiking up a mountain, a road trip to the coast, or just kicking it local and exploring your favorite parts of the city.
I gotchu!

Your day, your way!

You aren't planning a cookie cutter elopement, so why would you want a cookie cutter experience? 

Get in touch and let's start planning!

You know what you'll never here someone say? "I wish I had made my wedding day more about us!" Eloping is THE WAY to make sure you don't have those large traditional wedding regrets.

If there was ever a time to put you first it is on your wedding day. Close your eyes for a moment and allow yourself to daydream, and picture the absolutely most perfectly YOU day that you can imagine.

You get to cut out all of the things you don't want, and build a day around doing only the things you love! Your day, your rules.

Sounds pretty damn awesome right? 

Save the drama for your llama!

No regrets, just love

Think back on your absolute favorite adventure, was it a brief couple of hours, or was it an entire weekend experience? Chances are it was more than just a few hours, almost all legendary adventures are! 

For me, it was a 5 day rafting trip down the lower Salmon river in Idaho during college with some of my very best friends. We spent the week floating all day, jumping in when we got too hot, cooking our meals over a fire, sleeping on sandy beaches, and staring into the endless starry sky at night. It was epic in every sense, and something I'll always remember. 

Choosing to elope is about more than just a photoshoot and changing your tax filing status. It's about crafting something you will remember forever. Something absolutely unique to you, and something that stokes that fire inside you. 

Planning smaller doesn't mean dreaming smaller!


Okay corny early 2000's boyband jokes aside, let's talk about working 2gether.
(sorry last one 🤣)

Once upon a time I thought being a wedding photographer meant spending endless hours at wedding receptions watching people getting hammered and dancing badly. For years that was how I spent my Saturdays and Sundays during the summer, and I didn't know it at the time, but damn I hated it. 

Then something magical happened, a friend reached out with an alternative idea. They wanted something different for themselves, and they wanted ME to help them plan and capture it. It was that experience that changed everything for me and I decided that I *needed* to photograph more elopements. 

So now instead of dreading how many times I'll have to hear the Cupid Shuffle every summer, I get to help my couples dream up an entire day full of joy and adventure! Trading in church pews for snow shoes, dress pants for board shorts, and awkward encounters for best friend bromances! 


You + Me = Us

Surely I don't expect you to come to me with everything figured out and ready to go. I mean, maybe, but more than likely you're going to need some help making this happen!

Every elopement experience is custom built and designed in collaboration with you and will include the following services. 

* Customized location ideas based off the vision you describe
* Permit assistance and logistics planning
* Handcrafted timeline built just for you
* Vendor recommendations and assistance
* Unlimited consultation and planning
* Travel within Washington State, Oregon, or Idaho

If you can dream it, we can do it! 

Elopement planning essentials

Get in touch and let's start planning!

Includes Adventure Engagement Session plus:

- Two Day Coverage
- Expertly retouched digital images
- Personalized online gallery for sharing and easy access
- Full resolution digital files
- 10 year image archive
- Unrestricted printing rights
- 12″ 50 page album or $1000 print credit

Perfect for the couple who want a multi-day adventure, camping experience, or totally rad photos at several locations across two days! 

Starting at $9000

The Weekender

Includes Adventure Engagement Session plus:

- Up to 8 hours of coverage (extended coverage available)
- Expertly retouched images
- Personalized online gallery
- High resolution digital files
- 10 year image archive
- Unrestricted printing rights
- 8″ 24 page album or $500 print credit

Perfect for couples who want a truly epic full day experience without the need to keep an eye on the clock.  

Starting at $6000

The Full Day +

Includes Local Engagement Session plus:

- Up to 6 hours of coverage
- Expertly retouched images
- Personalized online gallery
- High resolution digital files
- 5 year image archive
- Unrestricted printing rights
- 8″ 12 page album or $350 print credit

Perfect for the couple who want a full day experience, but with simplified logistics for travel, hiking, and locations. 

Starting at $5000

The Full Day

Includes a Local engagement session plus:

- Up to 4 hours of coverage
- Expertly retouched images
- Personalized online gallery
- High resolution digital files
- 1 year image archive
- Unrestricted printing rights
- $250 print credit

Perfect for couples that are planning something intimate and amazing, but on a smaller scale and condensed timeline. 

Starting at $3500

The Half Day 

All of my elopement packages include an engagement session. Because I believe strongly in building a relationship with my clients prior to their wedding day. To learn how you interact with each other, and so that you get to know me as well! Plus they are fun AF and we could all use some more fun in our lives amiright!? 

I offer 2 options for engagement photos, the local session which is my standard 90 minute E session that is limited to locations within 50 miles of the Seattle area. It's totally awesome, and perfect for couples that want to stick around close to home and spend the afternoon together. 

My adventure session is my premier E session. It is open to locations anywhere within 200 miles of Seattle, and meant to be a full day experience. This state is meant for exploring, so let's plan something incredible =)    

For reals, let's plan something epic!

Let's hit the road together

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